Windows Server 2019 is officially Available!

I’m thrilled to welcome the official release of Windows Server 2019, after an extended launch period. This operating system which has been preeminent in the datacenter for so long, continues to deliver new areas of innovation, and I see it as being especially relevant and impactful to what I’ll be working on, as part of the Microsoft Storage Solution business at HPE, in the years to come.


Our team has been hustling to complete certifications and planning around this release, and our hats are off to our partner for getting it published.

Introduction to Windows Server 2019

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 is an operating system recently released as part of the Windows NT family. Traditionally Microsoft has led the operating system market, and has accounted for 83% of desktop O/S market share (source: Statista) as well as 88% of on-premises Server share (source: Spiceworks).

Key themes of the Windows Server 2019 release include hybrid IT, security, application platform, and hyper-converged infrastructure.  Key new features of this version include: Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), Support for Kubernetes (Beta), Storage Spaces Direct, Storage Migration Service, Storage Replica, System Insights, and an improved Windows Defender.

HPE and Windows

HPE and Microsoft share a 30 year partnership of deep technical collaboration, significant multi-year mutual investments, and exciting global co-promotions.


The latest version of Windows Server is a key enabling technology for a number of new and enhanced Microsoft Server products, including: Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 (which only runs on Windows Server 2019), along with important Microsoft business server products such as Microsoft SQL Server 2019, SharePoint Server 2019 and a number of others that have recently released or are anticipated in calendar year 2019.

The Storage solution team at HPE is focused on ensuring continued smooth infrastructure operations as our customers upgrade to Windows Server 2019. In addition, we work to help make sure our customers get enterprise-class performance and availability with the product and its related business apps, and we’ll deliver on this with continued efforts around testing, reference architectures, integrations, and training.

Windows Server 2019 and HPE Storage

As of this writing, we have key Storage platforms certified for Windows Server 2019, including HPE 3PAR StorServ Storage, HPE Nimble Storage, and HPE XP Storage.  You’ll also find HPE Smart Array storage controllers among the list of our Windows Server 2019 Certified products. Note that up-to-date Microsoft Windows certification status is available at the Windows Server Catalog site:

Congrats again to HPE partner, Microsoft. To learn more about the breadth of HPE Microsoft Storage solutions available today, visit


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